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A Different Way To "Treat" Asthma


Astra Zeneca launched their asthma drug Symbicort into an already crowded combination therapy marketplace, targeting moderate to severe sufferers. It was the third entry into the category owned by Advair and lacked a differentiating claim. The insight into this audience was that asthma symptoms were unpredictable and could return at any time. But Symbicort’s around-the-clock relief was a category claim, and five minute relief from symptoms, for someone with asthma, is a long time to wait. So we need to rely on engaging, eye-catching visuals to drive traffic to the website and doctor appointments. 


The silhouette was stunningly graphic. It also allowed viewers to see themselves as the protagonist of the story. The print went a slightly different route and leveraged real patient success stories. Additionally, a patient video campaign filled out the web content. Seven videos in all were produced to create a video library of patient testimonials. We used excerpts from these testimonials as content for rich-media online banners.