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Insight, Insight, Insight


Teva had a new product, in a new form, loaded with new technology. The problem was they couldn’t support any of it with an efficacy claim. Additionally, the products in market were generally considered to be doing the job well. There simply wasn’t a need for a new allergy spray. Our solution was to approach it with a different insight and arresting graphics. The insight was that sufferers felt that no one, drug industry included, took their suffering seriously. The category was full of "silly animations" and product stories. Our solution was to demonstrate that Teva knew that allergies were not a joking matter. 


The campaign, both print and digital, featured people with red clown noses. Budget constraints required that we use stock imagery, so fleshing out the campaign had it's challenges. In addition to dimensionalizing the feeling of having allergies, it reinforced the category insight that allergies were just not being taken seriously.