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ProAir RespiClick

Extending A Line


ProAir RespiClick is a new asthma rescue inhaler technology struggling to get people to switch from the traditional inhalers with which they are so comfortable. It looks different. It feels different. It’s more expensive. And it isn’t any better than the other rescue inhalers on the market. So we decided to grow the franchise by focusing on the pediatric audience, creating an engaging brand that spoke just toparents and kids with asthma; something no other brand was attempting to do. The rationale was since most people with asthma, and especially parents of children with asthma, are loathe to switch from a product they have confidence in and feel comfortable with, they are likely to remain committed to the brand for a long time to come. Retention on steroids (but without the steroids) !


What child can resist a cartoon?! Then what better way to teach a child then thru an engaging and entertaining cartoon?! Enter Click & Clark, a know-it-all unicorn and a clumsy, but lovable, cephalopod. Click & Clark teach you, step by step, how to use, and care for, ProAir RespiClick. The effort was supported by a digital display and email campaign. But the education can’t stop online so we created an activity book for doctors to use as a starter kit, to be sent home with new RespiClick patients.