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Television For The Blind


Television for a blind audience?! How does that make sense?! It turns out that the blind community “watches” a lot of TV (and so do their caregivers). National TV is really the only way to effectively reach this audience. Since Vanda had received orphan status for their Non-24 treatment, and no one else was entering the category, an unbranded campaign made all the sense in the world. 30’s and 15’s carried, and still carry, the brand. 


For this audience, authenticity is key. The message has to come from real patients. So we cast patients who are totally blind and got them to tell their story. Fulfillment materials needed to be appropriate for both a blind and sighted audiences since most of our target had sighted caregivers. That means all of our printed materials also speak. And our website needed to be tailored to screen readers which read left to right, top to bottom.