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Florida’s Natural 

A New Voice For An Old Brand


The team was looking for a new brand campaign that would cut through clutter and position them competitively against their Coke & Pepsi produced rivals - Simply Orange and Tropicana respectively. Not wanting to sully the brand campaign with hard punching competitive claims, we created two campaigns; one that kept the Florida’s Natural brand above the fray and one, a series of cheeky 15’s, that went head to head with the big boys.


The brand campaign was epic and cinemagraphic in its scope, leveraging the brand equity of the growers directly handing off their “grove-fresh” cartons to a consumer. We even gave the brand an evergreen holiday ad to run throughout the Christmas season. The 15 second, hard-hitting, head-to-head with Coke and Pepsi campaign, used the same brand voice but with a very competitive edge.